marking the days

I am once again entering into the writing life by starting this new blog. It has been four years since leaving my first blog – “through the jelly jar”. During that time, big life changes have happened. My husband and I retired and we moved to a different area of the country. I walked with my dad through the last years of his life and witnessed his passing a year ago. After settling into a new home and starting the process of making new friends, COVID19 came along and put so many things on hold. This blog is a path to becoming more in touch with this new stage of life and marking the days in a meaningful way.


The creek lies deep in its bed

casting points of light skyward.

Motionless, the coyote

watches my slow advance, then turns

and drifts away, blending

into shadows.

I follow, walking past

an ancient hickory, its trunk hollowed.

I wonder at its strength to remain

standing, bark thick and ridged.

My time in this place is

just beginning. Tendrils of hope

rise to wisps of clouds.